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FIRST CUSTOMER - B'ley Villones

B'ley Villones
Kailan: Sep 04, 2007 22:44
Sino: Public
Tags:b'ley, bogchi, get togethers, my thoughts
i told Ninang about the dinner that me and jeddo prepared last sunday for our get together with my sister. Ninang got so excited that she hired us to prepare a gourmet lunch for her mom's birthday this coming sunday, Sept 9. i'm already planning my menu.

shyet. i can't wait for sunday.
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User: (Anonymous)
Kailan: Sep 04, 2007 15:59 (UTC)
Ano: first customer
yiffee!! i shall my mom to cook lumpiang effer and leche flan ehehe! can\'t weight!

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B'ley Villones
User: harmless_dyosa
Kailan: Sep 08, 2007 08:27 (UTC)
Ano: Re: first customer
i love leche flan!

see you sunday. :-)
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