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STILL ALIVE - B'ley Villones

B'ley Villones
Kailan: Sep 21, 2007 13:55
Sino: Public
Mood:tumatalon sa excitement
Tags:b'ley, barkadahan, lakwatsa
i know i know. i haven't posted in a while.

i've been busy with moving my stuff out to a new location and to top it all off, there's work! ugh. tell me about it. anyway, i might not be able to post as regularly as i used to for the next 2 weeks 'cause i'm going on a much-awaited trip with my friends. finally! a decent vacation! lol.

i'll be bringing edu with me so i'll try to find time to update everyone on my LAGALAGS. i have to sign off now. mag-e-empake pa ako. :-)
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User: (Anonymous)
Kailan: Sep 23, 2007 07:09 (UTC)
Ano: for more!
hey friend!

i'd love to see the pictures here... balita ko nga more lagalag na naman kayo hehehe... ingats im sure you guys are having fun right now.

miss ko na mga chikahan naten! HA-HA!! (yung nanggugulat na laugh, remember?!)

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