i know i know. i haven't posted in a while.

i've been busy with moving my stuff out to a new location and to top it all off, there's work! ugh. tell me about it. anyway, i might not be able to post as regularly as i used to for the next 2 weeks 'cause i'm going on a much-awaited trip with my friends. finally! a decent vacation! lol.

i'll be bringing edu with me so i'll try to find time to update everyone on my LAGALAGS. i have to sign off now. mag-e-empake pa ako. :-)


6:00pm- jeddo picked me up and we headed to Cuneta Astrodome.

6:30pm- met ninang at jollibee beside Cuneta Astrodome.

6:45pm- fell in line outside Cuneta Astrodome after looking for the sign that says "floor seats".

7:00pm- was soooo hot outside Cuneta Astrodome. we want to go in already.

7:10:pm- finally! the line was moving.

7:15pm- we got in!

7:20pm- we found our seats. floor seats at P1,200++ (seats: L9, L8, L10)

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our lunch yesterday was fantastic! jeddo and i woke up early to visit the organic market in Legaspi, Makati to buy our ingredients. by 10am, we were at Ninang's place and we didn't waste time to get our hands dirty. we planned to prepare 3 dishes- Special Chicken Inasal, Pesto Pasta and Grilled Corn with Lemon Butter.

cooking for friends is fun. the atmosphere is light, bubbly and relaxed. in no time, we got our chicken swimming in our inasal marinade, our pesto swirling in the food processor and our corn drowning in cold water. jeddo got the grill going for the inasal and i got the bastings ready. after a couple of minutes, the chickens were off to the grill. Ninang's backyard garden smelled of ginger, garlic, lemongrass, calamansi, cane vinegar, margarine and achuete while her kitchen smelled of fresh basil, olive oil, freshly grated parmesan cheese, lemon, butter and long green pepper. wonderful. after all the chickens were grilled, it was the corn's turn. by this time, my pesto pasta is already done and the table is being set. maya-maya lang...kainan na!

chicken inasal
Special Chicken Inasal

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i want to eat tomatoes but i don't want just plain tomatoes. so i looked in my fridge as well as my pantry and saw the following:
-laughing cow cheese slices
-fresh basil
-balsamic vinegar
-olive oil

and came up with this:

hay, sarap. try mo. :-)


i awoke at the sound of my phone ringing. eventhough i hate answering the phone in the middle of my slumber, i still do it because it might be an emergency, for all i know. the caller turned out to be my aunt. she told me that my Electrical and Computer Engineer cousin is leaving for London tomorrow. he got a job in London and he will stay there for a year but we're expecting that he will be gone for quite a while. aunt also told me that my Audio Engineer cousin is extending his stay in New Zealand until the of September but will be applying for another 3-month stay so he can complete his 2007 in NZ. she told me stories about the new business venture of my Computer Programmer cousin in Cabanatuan and that he already left his business in Baguio. aunt and i talked about my uncle in Saudi Arabia and his daughter who's now working in Pampanga, my 2 cousins in United Arab Emirates and my family in Canada.

gone are the days when all of us will have get togethers every birthdays, new years and even death anniversaries of close relatives who passed away to remember the good times with them. we all used to be very tight when our world was still small. as we got older, we began to seek new experiences and new challenges. we began to realize that our talents, skills and potentials are limitless. we began to see that the world isn't small after all.

if i can only scoop each one of them up from where they are so we can all eat, laugh and spend time together, i a heartbeat.


i told Ninang about the dinner that me and jeddo prepared last sunday for our get together with my sister. Ninang got so excited that she hired us to prepare a gourmet lunch for her mom's birthday this coming sunday, Sept 9. i'm already planning my menu.

shyet. i can't wait for sunday.


my sister Mikki and i planned to have dinner last night at her new place. she recently moved out and she wants me to check out 2 new things in her life- new boyfriend and new apartment. we were so excited to finally have some "bonding" time. for our dinner, Mikki asked me to cook my oil-based pasta experiment because she misses it. of course i agreed. although she's also going to whip something up for our dinner, i still wanted to bring another dish. when i told this to jeddo, he instantly surfed Food Network and saw a recipe for Chicken with Balsamic Barbeque Sauce. since it sounds delish, we agreed to give it a shot.

jeddo and i went grocery shopping yesterday afternoon to buy the ingredients for the sauce and of course, not to forget, the chicken. for the sauce, here's our checklist:
-balsamic vinegar
-tomato ketchup
-dijon mustard
-worcetershire sauce
-mascovado sugar
-cloves of garlic
-ground pepper

as soon as we got home, i mixed all the ingredients up to make the sauce and simmered it for about 15 minutes while jeddo started to make the grill hot and ready. ang saya, parang cookout. after 15 minutes, i poured the sauce over the chicken and marinated them for about 5-10 minutes. i can almost hear the chickens thanking me for letting them bathe in glorious balsamic sauce. once the marinating was done, the chicks were off to the grill while i get my pasta ready. after about 30 minutes, both the chicken and the pasta are good to go.

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it was ages ago when i last set my foot in shangri-la edsa mall and i was so happy to have visited the place last night. it's still the same sparkingly-clean-smells-nice-and-not-crowded mall i learned to love over the years. i especially am fond of their escalators because i can view the mall area in almost its entirety. i checked the whole place and realized that they already have new shops and new restos. of course, i got excited. speaking of new restos, i came across Hula-Hula Seafood and Barbeque House just right outside the mall's resto strip. i have been seeing reviews about this restaurant since january this year but i never got the chance to try it out until last night.

the place is a bit cramped which makes it hard for the wait staff to manuever themselves from one table to another. but then, i want to try something new so i gave Hula-Hula a chance. since it says Seafood and Barbeque House, i decided to try both. for the seafood, i ordered tuna belly.

Tuna Belly- Php195.00

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