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SUNDAY DINNER - B'ley Villones

B'ley Villones
Kailan: Sep 03, 2007 06:46
Sino: Public
Tags:b'ley, bogchi, get togethers, lakwatsa, mikki
my sister Mikki and i planned to have dinner last night at her new place. she recently moved out and she wants me to check out 2 new things in her life- new boyfriend and new apartment. we were so excited to finally have some "bonding" time. for our dinner, Mikki asked me to cook my oil-based pasta experiment because she misses it. of course i agreed. although she's also going to whip something up for our dinner, i still wanted to bring another dish. when i told this to jeddo, he instantly surfed Food Network and saw a recipe for Chicken with Balsamic Barbeque Sauce. since it sounds delish, we agreed to give it a shot.

jeddo and i went grocery shopping yesterday afternoon to buy the ingredients for the sauce and of course, not to forget, the chicken. for the sauce, here's our checklist:
-balsamic vinegar
-tomato ketchup
-dijon mustard
-worcetershire sauce
-mascovado sugar
-cloves of garlic
-ground pepper

as soon as we got home, i mixed all the ingredients up to make the sauce and simmered it for about 15 minutes while jeddo started to make the grill hot and ready. ang saya, parang cookout. after 15 minutes, i poured the sauce over the chicken and marinated them for about 5-10 minutes. i can almost hear the chickens thanking me for letting them bathe in glorious balsamic sauce. once the marinating was done, the chicks were off to the grill while i get my pasta ready. after about 30 minutes, both the chicken and the pasta are good to go.

we had a good and relaxed dinner. my sister loved my pasta. her boyfriend loved the barbeque. i like my sister's new place. i like her nice new boyfriend. it was a happy night...so happy that my sister asked me to visit her often so we can have more lunches and dinners together, more "bonding" moments, more family time.

i can't wait for our next get together. i must tell jeddo to get me another fab recipe.
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User: (Anonymous)
Kailan: Sep 03, 2007 01:07 (UTC)
Ano: (no subject)
sobrang sarap ng food!!!
hay heaven...
Thank You Food Network!!!
and most of all Thank You B'ley V.
Let's do this again, Hah!
what's next on the menu? hehe
I hope it was worth all the smoke in your house for you. Has it cleared yet.. hehe

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B'ley Villones
User: harmless_dyosa
Kailan: Sep 04, 2007 01:36 (UTC)
Ano: (no subject)
no smoke now. i can now see my living room, thank you. but the house smells like grilled chicken balsamic. hehe.

next time ulet! :-)
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User: (Anonymous)
Kailan: Sep 04, 2007 02:39 (UTC)
Ano: patikim
patikim naman ng pinya niyo

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B'ley Villones
User: harmless_dyosa
Kailan: Sep 04, 2007 10:38 (UTC)
Ano: Re: patikim
haha. sorry jongster, walang halong pinya yung bbq ko eh. (ni-literal ko naman. hehe.)

dont worry, i'll invite you to one of my dinners. bring a date. ;-)
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